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>>> Some hints, to navigate easier through our shopsystem <<<

PFKL part numbers:
Sometimes you'll find such item numbers in the world wide web. Then you have to encrypt an original Triumph part number, by taking this part into the cart of the related shop. Then you wll get the original number. Please use this number to find the part by using the seach here.

How to do in detail? >>> put the PFKL item into the shopping cart  >>> open the basket >>> note the original Triumph article number eg Txxxxxxx or Axxxxxxx or MTSxxxxxx or similar.

Use the search right top to display the relevant articles.


Help for general order problems
If you have a bankaccount in Germany, you can order via fax. If a german bankaccount is not avaialble, an order via fax or via email is also possible, but you have to prepay the full order.

Print Faxform (click here), fill and sign it and send it to the shown number.

>>> Please note - for these orders the price per article is +2%. Postage and packing cost the same like shown in the shop. You accept this when using this way to order. <<<



Our articles / our display system
On Triumphworld.de we go an unusual way:

  1. we list each product separately and respectively in the available size (pls see the 1-click-selection)
  2. we list every spare part separately and respectively to the corresponding vehicle

Here some examples :

Search for OEM Triumph parts:

Spark Rocket >>> displays sparks for all Rockets
Spark Roadster >>> displays sparks for Rocket Roadsters only

Search for clothing:
T-shirts - there is nothing >>> T -shirt is all T- Shirts
T- shirt Ladies >>> find all Ladies' T -Shirts
T-Shirt Ladies Size M >>> find all Ladies' T -shirts in size M (size notation = Gr.xx ) Please note e german size 50 is a UK size 40


Please note too - the search is designed to find optimized results in german language. So please use a translation tool like "https://www.translate.google.de" from your language into german before.


Alternatively, you can also browse all the lists manually. May be found there the one or the other " useful " trifle.