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Preorder - Fueltank, SPARE, PADS, Fitting (Details)

Preorder - Fueltank, SPARE, PADS, Fitting (Details)
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Product no.: T2401421-MT-999

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Products description

!! This article ist not available at the moment. So it can not be delivered instantly, but you can preorder it here.

If an availability date is given by Triumph UK, we will inform you. Please check our manually generated confirmation email, after you placed a preorder. Please note too - preordered parts for older models can cause a cancelation of the whole product by Triumph UK when it will be no more produced. Such a situation is not visible for us before we request a part in the UK.

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Please note too, without selecting additional split costs we only send the complete order in one shipment.

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Part description: Vorbestellung - Benzin Tank, SPARE, PADS, Montage

Original Part Number: T2401421-MT
Part Name: Preorder - Fueltank, SPARE, PADS, Fitting (Details)
Classification: OEM - Original Triumph Parts from UK
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* specially in th UK ordered spare part
* delivery and replacement of part number reserved
* returning ordered parts possible with 25% discount

Please note, the specified delivery time may be expanded to several weeks when the spare part is not in stock in the UK.

Price (including tax): 1307.29€ (EUR) | 1137.14£ (GBP) | 1272.8SFr (CHF) | 1419.64$ (USD) | 30919.82Kc (CZK) | 9733.38DKr (DKK) | 5865.18Zloty (PLN) | 2132.85AU$ (AUD) | 2279.65NZ$ (NZD) | 15216.97NKr (NOK) | 14786.68kr (SEK) | 9902.96Yuan (RMB|CNY) | 193959.94¥ (JPY)

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Identcode: Art-ID082b
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