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Adventurer up to VIN 71698 Adventurer from VIN 71699 America Carburators Models
America EFI up to VIN468389 America EFI from VIN468390 America LT
Bonneville T100 Carburators Bonneville T100 EFI Bonneville Carburators
Bonneville EFI up to VIN380776 Bonneville & SE from VIN380777 Bonneville T120
Bonneville T120 Black Daytona 750 & 1000 Daytona 900 & 1200
Daytona 600 & 650 Daytona T595 / 955i Daytona 955i from VIN132513
Daytona 675 up to VIN381274 Daytona 675 up to VIN564947 Daytona R up to VIN564947
Daytona 675 from VIN564948 Daytona R from VIN564948 Legend TT
Rocket III Rocket III Classic Rocket III Roadster
Rocket III Touring Scrambler Carburators Scrambler EFI
Speed Four Speedmaster Carburators Speedmaster EFI up to VIN469049
Speedmaster EFI from VIN469050 Speed Triple T300 (alle Models) Speed Triple T509 up to VIN141871
Speed Triple 955i from VIN141872 Speed Triple 1050 up to VIN333178 Speed Triple 1050 from VIN333179
Speed Triple 1050 from VIN461332 Speed Triple R Speed Triple R from VIN735437
Speed Triple S from VIN735438 Sprint 900 Carburators Sprint RS 955 up to VIN139276
Sprint RS 955 from VIN139277 Sprint ST 955i up to VIN139276 Sprint ST 955i from VIN139277
Sprint ST 1050 (all Versions)) Sprint GT 1050 Street Triple up to VIN560476
Street R up to VIN560476 Street Triple from VIN560477 Street R from VIN560477
Street Twin 900 Thruxton Carburators Thruxton EFI
Thruxton 1200 Thruxton R Thunderbird
Thunderbird Sport Thunderbird 1600 & 1700 Thunderbird Storm
Thunderbird LT Thunderbird Commander Tiger 900 (T400)
Tiger 885i Tiger 955i (Spoked) Tiger 955i (Castrad)
Tiger 1050 & SE Tiger Sport up to VIN750469 Tiger Sport from VIN750470
Tiger 800 Tiger 800 XC Tiger XR
Tiger XC Tiger XRx Tiger XCx
Tiger XRT Tiger XCA Tiger Explorer
Tiger Explorer XC Explorer XR Explorer XC
Explorer XRx Explorer XCx Explorer XRT
Explorer XCA Trident Trophy up to VIN29155
Trophy from VIN29156 Trophy 1215 Trophy 1215 SE


This article was last updated on Thursday 12 February, 2015.